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A note from Julia…

Dear Friends,

More than ever, we are witnessing how mistakes made in Washington, DC hurt us in our own communities.

As President Obama continues to push a radical agenda that undermines our civil liberties and takes our economy in the wrong direction, me and my Republican colleagues are working harder than ever to stop him.

I maintain strong opposition to Barack Obama’s efforts to socialize our healthcare system, and voted for medical malpractice reform to lower healthcare costs and provide greater access to doctors.

I also oppose Barack Obama’s continued efforts to raise taxes while adding a trillion dollars to our national debt. In Raleigh, I have worked tirelessly to put our fiscal house in order by passing a balanced budget that cuts spending and provides citizens tax relief while also attracting new businesses to our communities and promoting job growth.

As you know, Barack Obama and the Washington Democrats, now led by Hillary Clinton, are pulling out all the stops to win North Carolina and retake the presidency. That is why your conservative voice is more crucial than ever. You can help stop the liberal’s agenda by joining me in my efforts. Thank you for your continued support.


~Rep. Julia Howard

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